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PlattInfo Subscription

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What is PlattInfo?
The City of Plattsburgh has embarked on a new project to inform visitors of what we have to offer in arts, history, entertainment and business. We call the project PlattInfo. Plattsburgh will be one of the first communities in the country to install electronic information kiosks. There will be three kiosk locations at the red circles on the map.

Quality Cutoff Saw Substitution Parts

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Swapping parts on your own water send may look like a complicated task initially. First, you've to determine what is wrong together with your water pump. Then, you identify the component that needs exchanging. Then what? Do you purchase it online? Do someone be paid by you to correct it? Can you make an effort to replace it oneself and risk further destruction? It may seem more straightforward to only throw your entire water pump aside and start over.


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This is a test of the integration.

Site Update

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More images have been uploaded, and some efficiencies made to the code.

New Web Site Testing

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We're adding new features to the website and testing it.

Keep in Touch and Spread the Word

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Keep up to date with Lake City LDC and economic development events in Plattsburgh. Visit this website for the latest news when you're surfing the web. Read more for more details.

Visit the City of Plattsburgh Web Site

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Visit the City of Plattsburgh Web site for information about the city including:

  • • City calendar
  • • directory of City resources and departments
  • • history, arts, and recreation
  • • business
  • • tourism
  • • on line services and bill paying
  • • friends of Plattsburgh
  • • E-Alert signup
  • • City code
  • • City GIS map

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