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Keep up to date with Lake City LDC and economic development events in Plattsburgh. Visit this website for the latest news when you're surfing the web. Read more for more details.

Of course, in today's world, there's a lot more beside the web. Sign up for our newsletter to be updated with events, requests for proposal and information, and other news. Don't worry that we'll sell your e-mail address: we do not sell or give away email addresses, and every message we send to our email list has a link that you can use to opt out of future mailings. Of course, we're always glad to welcome you back at any time!

There's a Keep in Touch section at the right of most pages. Use the orange RSS syndication buttons to sign up for updates delivered to your mail program, web browser, or news reader. There's one feed for the newsletter that lets you receive it via RSS instead of email, and there's another feed in the Keep in Touch section that keeps you informed of all the latest news from this site.

If you're on Twitter, follow us at @lakecityldc (you can use the Twitter button in the Keep in Touch section at the right of most pages).

Who doesn't like being liked? We're on Facebook and hope you'll use the link in Keep in Touch to find us there.

As we announce projects and programs, feel free to spread the word. We do what we can, but we have to rely on our friends and neighbors to get the word out. Most stories have a Share button that lets you email a link to the story, print it, or post it to your own Facebook Page, tweet it, Digg it, add it to Yahoo Buzz or Google Buzz. Help us spread the word about the projects and possibilities in Plattsburgh.

And if you've got an idea or suggestion, that's what the Contact Us box at the right of most pages is for.

About Registering for the Site

You can visit the site without registering or logging in, but we hope you will register. It just takes a moment. We'll ask for your email address, and in a few moments you'll receive an automated email. Click the link in that email to confirm that it's your address, and you'll have your own account. You can pick your own account name as long as someone else hasn't got it first. We very strongly recommend that you use your real name.

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Why register when you can visit for free without registration?

First of all, we encourage feedback with comments available on most items of the site. Without registration, robot programs (such as "spambots") prowl the web and leave messages advertising all sorts of products. The registration process dramatically reduces these problems.

Second, many online conversations become unproductive when the participants are anonymous. We welcome everyone to participate, and we hope you will use your real name.

What You Can't Do

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