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What is PlattInfo?
The City of Plattsburgh has embarked on a new project to inform visitors of what we have to offer in arts, history, entertainment and business. We call the project PlattInfo. Plattsburgh will be one of the first communities in the country to install electronic information kiosks. There will be three kiosk locations at the red circles on the map.

The kiosks are steel pedestals that hold touch screen monitors. Looking for a place to eat? Tap the fork symbol and a directory appears. For premium subscribers, users can tap a restaurant name and you can get a menu, photos, and a digital signature (QR code) you can download to your phone for directions and more information. The kiosk data base is easily updated to stay current with upcoming events and as businesses change their content. The kiosks are constructed for year round, outdoor use.

Business Listings.
The City started this project to help small businesses and not for profit organizations in the City. During the first three months, while we test and refine the system, a basic listing is free. The free period begins December 1, 2012 and ends February 28, 2013.

Our Agreement.
When you click the Submit button, you are agreeing:
1. This agreement is with the LCLDC and not the City of Plattsburgh.
2. The information you provide to us is not protected by a copyright or trademark unless it is one you own, or have written permission to use.
3. The LCLDC has the absolute right to refuse to put any message on PlattInfo. The subscriber agrees it will have no claim against LCLDC or the City if this occurs. The subscriber is advised that subscriber content is unlikely to be rejected unless it is considered obscene, libelous, false, misleading or protected by another’s copyright or trademark.
4. If subscriber information and images are inaccurate due to the fault of the LCLDC, there is no claim or remedy except correction of the error within a reasonable time after notification.
5. The LCLDC’s obligation to the subscriber is to use its best efforts to provide advertising on three kiosks for one year, however, the subscriber understands LCLDC does not guarantee the kiosks will function without interruption. If the LCLDC is unable to provide the promised advertising services, the subscriber’s sole remedy will be a refund of subscription charges, prorated from the date LCLDC receives a written refund demand, through the end of the subscription year.
6. Listing information must be emailed to ______________________ not less than 30 days before the beginning of the subscription period.
7. The one year subscription period begins ____________________(month) 1st , 2013 (insert March 1, 2013, or later).